The HydroFLOW device flock suspended particles that pass through the ring of ferrites, thus causing them to filter out of water systems more efficiently. The increased filtration efficiency can reduce backwashing by a factor of three, and the amount of water used in each backwash cycle is reduced by up to 50%. Reduced backwashing means cost savings in water usage and maintenance downtime. In some wastewater applications, HydroFLOW can assist with polymer reduction and increased cake dryness.
How Hydropath technology acts as a descaler which prevents the build-up of scale in pipes and equipment
Hydropath technology powers the HydroFLOW devices which are highly efficient, non-intrusive electronic descalers that are installed on the water pipe entering your home or business. It treats fluids by inducing a robust yet harmless signal of 150kHz throughout plumbing systems made of any material, including PEX and PVC.
These electric waves cause mineral ions to form suspended clusters that turn into stable crystals when temperature or pressure changes occur. The suspended crystals will prevent scale from building up in pipes and on heating elements, thus increasing heat transfer efficiency, lowering maintenance costs and reducing chemical usage. Standard applications include plumbing systems, heat exchangers, water heaters, boilers, cooling towers, belt filter presses, wells and pumps. Popular sectors include residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural.
Unlike other products that treat liquids at a single point in a system and whose impact starts to diminish immediately after that point, HydroFLOW provides continuous water conditioning - ensuring a consistent and ongoing effect. Also, due to its unique, non-intrusive design, HydroFLOW doesn’t add any chemicals to your water supply while inhibiting pipe corrosion and eradicating bacteria and algae. Furthermore, while it protects your plumbing and appliances, it is also easy to install, requires no maintenance or wasted real estate. A residential grade HydroFLOW device costs about $1 in electricity per year. An industrial grade HydroFLOW device costs between $10 to $20 in electricity per year.
Minerals such as calcium carbonate, the mineral primarily responsible for limescale formation, are dissolved in the solution as TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).
When the Hydropath signal is present, the dissolved minerals combine to form loosely held clusters.
When temperature or pressure change occurs, minerals precipitate out of solution and accumulates as hard scale in pipes, holding tanks, and on heating elements.
When the clusters precipitate out of solution due to a temperature or pressure change, they form stable calcite crystals that do not accumulate as hard scale on the inner surface of pipes, holding tanks or heating elements. This results in the effective prevention of limescale buildup and eliminates the need for a water softerner, and can reduces, if not eliminate, monthly chemical treatments.
Steam Boilers

The S RANGE is designed specifically to deal with limescale in high pressure steam boilers.The S RANGE enables the use of untreated water for the steam boiler – straight from the mains or the bore hole.Preventing hard scaling on boiler tubes and gradually clearing up existing scale can lead to huge savings due to reduced maintenance costs and improved efficiency. The S RANGE is designed to address the effects of new and existing hard limescale encrustation and is suitable for high pressure steam boilers. Standard units are available up to 120mm in diameter.
Pools and Cooling Towers

The P RANGE AQUAKLEAR is designed to improve water quality in both commercial swimming pools and cooling towers. Flocculating material improves filtration and reduces backwashing, leading to lower energy usage, water and effluent charges, and also reduces chloramine levels.The P RANGE AQUAKLEAR is designed to reduce bacteria levels, to improve filtration for lower turbidity and reduced backwash and are suitable for commercial pools and cooling towers. Standard P RANGE units are available in various sizes to fit pipes of any material up to 200mm in diameter.
HVAC and Plumbing

The C Range is designed for limescale protection for commercial heating, ventilation and plumbing. Limescale build up on boilers, and heating and cooling equipment can not only reduce their overall efficiency, but can lead to expensive and time consuming maintenance or indeed to premature equipment failure. The applied signal can travel throughout the system. The C Range is designed to offer a chemical-free alternative in addressing existing hard limescale encrustation on commercial boilers, heat exchangers and cooling systems. Standard units are available up to 200mm in diameter.

The i Range is designed for more challenging applications in industrial environments, which may suffer from a range of water treatment issues, and require limescale protection, flocculation and biofouling control. The Industrial Range is more powerful than the standard commercial unit. It features an integrated power supply, is fully waterproofed, and is designed for ease of connection to mains power and building management systems. The i Range is designed to improve water quality and to prevent and remove hard limescale. Standard i Range units are available  up to 200mm in diameter.