Fuel Cell: Substation Backup Generator

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Product Overview


Aging electrical grids and more frequent extreme weather make it increasingly challenging to meet the power resilience needs of always-connected businesses and consumer lifestyles. In 2015, Americans experienced a reported 3,571 total outages, with an average duration of 49 minutes. Momentary blackouts cost the US economy $60 billion while sustained blackouts cost $50 billion.

Keeping Auto-Reclosers Operational

Powered by hydrogen, the GenCell G5rx utility backup power solution produces 5kW of emissions-free electricity for substations during power outages. Operating as a direct source of power or supplementing legacy backup battery systems that provide only 6-8 hours of electricity, the GenCell G5rx keeps circuit breaker auto-reclosers operational until the grid recovers. The solution alleviates the need for costly multiple battery rooms, avoids the pollution and maintenance costs of diesel and includes a shelter that is resistant to high-voltage interference and earthquakes.