Chain & Cable Lubricant Spray

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Helps prolong life of chains and cables - Placing a film of lubrication on the surface of today’s high-tension chains and cables simply doesn’t get the job done. That’s why you need SWEPCO 803 Chain & Cable Lubricant! It penetrates deep into links and strands to help to eliminate internal wear and friction, a major cause of cable and chain fatigue and failure. Contains graphite - SWEPCO 803 contains graphite which helps provide long lasting, superior lubrication of costly chain and cable installations. Even film lubrication plus deep penetration = no rust & dirt - An even film lubrication over the entire chain or cable surface helps protect against rust and friction, which helps eliminate two of the most common causes of chain and cable failure.


  • Superior penetration prevents wear
  • Contains graphite
  • Resists wear and friction
  • Does not drip or run


  • Lubricates vital internal surfaces of chains and cables to prolong their life
  • Does not drip or run-simplifies clean up
  • Graphite reduces friction and wear, prolonging the life of the chains and cables


  • Roller chain
  • Wire rope